Gospel Urgency

Gospel Urgency serves as a resource within the Christian community, in cooperation with area churches and other organizations, to further the cause of Christ through the discipline and work of evangelism. All efforts are geared towards promoting the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Gospel Urgency is available to conduct seminars, workshops, and conferences on a host of topics, all geared towards equipping Christians to be passionate and thoughtful about evangelism. Possible teaching sessions on several topics are listed below, which includes (but are not limited to):

Hindrances to Evangelism (and how to overcome them)
Dialoguing with Muslims
Creationism vs. Evolution
How to Start Conversations that Lead to the Gospel
How to Share the Gospel with Jehovah’s Witnesses
The ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of Evangelism
Discussing God with Atheists
The Role of Apologetics in Evangelism

Previous events include:

‘Evangelism Among Jehovah’s Witnesses’; September 2013
Shaker Heights Library
Topic: Effectively dialoguing with JWs

‘Reaching the Unreached’ Missions Roundtable; September 2013
Good Shepherd Baptist Church
Topic: Reaching the Muslim population

The Ministry of Reconciliation; October-November 2013
Cleveland Heights Library
Topics: Evangelism training sessions

‘Taking the Great Commission Seriously’; April-May 2014
Faith Word Community Church
Topics: Series of classes on evangelism

Evangelism Sunday school classes; Fall 2014
Christ Community Church
Topics: Five Evangelism Principles and Starting Conversations

Missions Roundtable; December 2014
Good Shepherd Baptist Church
Topic: Evangelizing Strangers and Jehovah’s Witnesses

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship International Student Retreat; February 2015
Camp Luz (Orrville, OH)
Topic: ‘Honest Questions, Honest Answers’ Panelist

Evangelism Training Seminar; June 2015
Bethel Church in Cleveland Heights
Topic: Evangelizing Muslims in America

Evangelism Training Seminar; July – September 2015
Hope Alliance Bible Church
Topic: Evangelizing Jehovah’s Witnesses

Non-Conforming Conference; August 2015
Providence Baptist Church Young Adult Ministry
Topic: God’s Not Dead

Missions Roundtable; December 2015
Good Shepherd Baptist Church
Topic: Equipping Youth for Evangelism

Evangelical Missiological Society Regional Conference; March 2016
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Deerfield, IL
Topic: Evangelizing Jehovah’s Witnesses

Evangelism Training Seminar; July 2016
Bethel Church in Cleveland Heights
Topics: Understanding Jehovah’s Witnesses & Understanding Muslims

Evangelism Training Seminar; February 2017
Westside Christian Academy
Topics: Understanding Jehovah’s Witnesses & Understanding Muslims

International Society of Christian Apologetics Conference, March 2017
The Hope Center; Plano, TX
Topic: A Critique of African American Atheism

Evangelical Ministries to New Religions Apologetics Conference, April 2017
New Hope Community Church; Palatine, IL
Topics: Understanding Jehovah’s Witnesses & A Critique of African American Atheism

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