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The Mark of a Biblical Pastor

I was recently listening to an audiobook discussing current trends in American churches. One of the topics addressed by the author was how men of God from previous generations have approached the task of leading God’s flock. In particular, the … Continue reading

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Does the Great Commission Include Outreach to Jehovah’s Witnesses?

For many Christians, the implied answer to this question is no. In fact, when it comes to JW outreach, there are at least two patterns that I have recognized in the Church. First, many believers in Christ have not concerned … Continue reading

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The Lost Priority

I was recently invited to give a presentation on an evangelistic topic at my local Youth for Christ office, and I was sure of what I wanted to teach. I had been preparing a series of classes I would soon … Continue reading

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Taking the Great Commission Seriously

In April 2013, Americans were shocked to learn of the horrific terrorist attack during the Boston Marathon. Several people lost their lives and over 100 people were injured. It appeared to be another senseless act of violence that had many … Continue reading

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Are Some Christians Too Consumed with the Presidential Election?

One Sunday, a pastor made the following point during his sermon: there are approximately 50% Democrats and 50% Republicans in his church. Why did he mention this? He wanted to prevent his congregation from degenerating into politically-divisive church members. Sadly, … Continue reading

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What the Church Needs Now is Love

In 1965, Jackie DeShannon released a song entitled What the World Needs Now Is Love. In the midst of the social turmoil that erupted during the 1950’s and 1960’s, one can easily understand the basis for such a song during … Continue reading

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I Have a Dream for the Black Church

The Black Church in America is perhaps the most victorious institution in the African American community. Yet, when it is compared with sacred scripture, we find that the Black Church is falling short in very significant areas. This book not … Continue reading

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When Political Persuasion Trumps Biblical Teaching

One of the reasons I pursued a theological education at Liberty University (LU) years ago was because of their unwavering commitment to biblical truth. Founded by the late Jerry Falwell in 1971, LU has grown to become the largest Christian … Continue reading

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No Rest for the Weary

Do you ever get tired of living for Christ? Have you ever grown weary of trying to please God all the time? Are there days when you just want to throw in the towel? In some sense, any seasoned believer … Continue reading

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A Christian View of Black History Month

February is the month that has been designated to honor the lives and contributions of African Americans who have impacted American society in significant ways. Before there was Black History Month, there was ‘Negro History Week,’ initiated by historian Carter … Continue reading

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